Why wait at the shop?


   Tires On The Go Inc.
Why wait at the shop? Let the shop come to you!

Tires On The Go Inc. is a mobile tire service for those who have little time to have their cars serviced. Our convenient service can come to your home, place of business, or anywhere and work on your car. Customers love our convenience, experienced technicians, and great prices.



We Sell Brand New Tires and Rims
Our Services Include:

Sales and installation of custom and original equipment rims and tires.
We offer mounting and balancing of low profile through light truck tires.(Up to 24" custom rims)
Tire Rotations
Computerized Wheel Balances
Small Repairs

Contact Information
Tires On The Go Inc.
Phone: (410) 290-9578
Fax: (240) 280-7548
Toll Free: 1-866-504-TOTG

Let us bring our services to you! You can either call or email your request for services.